Here are some frequently asked questions about ski touring and winter courses with Revelstoke Ski Touring. Click on the question to reveal the answer:

Where can I buy my National Parks Pass?

You can buy your National Parks Pass in Rogers Pass or at the Parks Office in Revelstoke.

What certification do I receive when taking your Avalanche Skills Training Course?

You’ll receive a certificate from us, providing that you have met the course requirements. This certificate will enable you to enroll in a Level 1 Avalanche Course or move on to the AST 2 courses. The certificates are also valid for other course providers to accept you into their next course, if you wish. The AST certificates are not recognized for professional avalanche work.

I would like to do an avalanche course and bring my snowboard. Is this possible?

Yes, you can. We suggest you use a split board for ease. Snowshoes are also acceptable.